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Galoppshopen was started in the spring of 2015 with a plain and simple vision and a clear focus - to fill the void of racing and jockey equipment in Sweden and be the obvious first hand choice when looking for horse racing gear, regardless if it's for the jockey, ponies or thoroughbreds.

The racing community and market is definitely quite small in Sweden but this makes us so much more focused on finding the best products possible. We never cease to look for new products and our selection is ever growing. If we don't have the product you're looking for, we want want, and expect, you to get in touch with us and tell us what it is you're missing.

In our search for racing equipment we also noted that in Sweden everything tend to be unnecessarily expensive, as with most equestrian products here. This is true for both apparel as well as tack and other equipment. So, we simply decided to change this. We lowered our margins and began hunting for the best possible value for your money. If we couldn't find what we were looking for at a good enough price with the high level of quality that we expected, we took matters in our own hands and sourced production for our or brand - Hoof and Holler Racing. We test, evaluate and improve and modify our own product to meet the high quality goals we set and to meet the requirements of our demanding customers - you. The first line of products we put on the market was our own line of hard wearing, soft PVC bridles, reins and various martingals and neck rings. These were followed by the first iteration of our basic jockey pant at an insanely affordable price. Since then we've put several other products to market and more will follow.

Despite our own production we continue to offer the brands that you've come to know over the years and we have every intention to always offer the best there is from the brands you know, only we try to do it at a slightly better price than most. Again, we aim to make Galoppshopen the obvious first hand choice for your horse racing equipment needs. We try to match prices and products found through well known international sources to eliminate the need for you to shop abroad or to have products shipped here with long delays in delivery time.

Galoppshopen also aim to whenever and however possible support and promote the young riders that compete and participate in the pony races. A part of the equestrian sports that rarely get any mention and is not commonly promoted outside the racing community. All the young stars of the pony races are, potentially, our upcoming superstar jockeys of tomorrow and we want them to be seen, heard and recognized.

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