Safety vests

Vipa Body Protector - Safety vest - Jockey vest Level 1

Vipa Body Protector is an amazing new take on safety vests and it sure sticks out from the crowd. Designed by Australian, former jockey, Greg Childs and tested and developed over several years to meet...

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Vipa Body Protector I - Safety vest - Lightweight Jockey vest Level 1

VIPA I Body Protector Lightweight has been tested according to, and conforms with the  EN13158: 2009 Standard Level 1. The lightweight VIPA I Body Protector only comes in black/silver and is desi...

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Vipa Bodyprotector Level 3 - Equestrian safety vest

The VIPA III Body Protector is approved for all horse riding disciplines. The VIPA III Body Protector has been tested according to, and conforms with, EN13158:2009 Standard Level 3. The VIPA III Body ...

2 799.00kr

Vipa Groundsman - Safety vest - Body protector

This VIPA Groundsman is designed for people working on the ground around horses. It is not rated for horse riders. It is made using Air Mesh a lightweight material allowing for ventilation and for its...

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Vipa II Jockey - Body Protector - Jockey vest Level 2

Vipa II Jockey Body Protector is a brand new safety vest from Australian maker, VIPA Safety. Once more they manage to make a more comfortable vest, allowing for better movement and better balance as a...

2 699.00kr