American Equus

American Equus Longboard Racing Irons

The Longboard racing irons from American Equus (AE) have an edge-to-edge footbed for jockeys who prefer more boot on their irons. The platform is made with the AE rubber traction system that allows fo...

2 495.00kr

American Equus SS77 Racing Irons

The American Equus SS77 Thoroughbred Racing Irons are a new generation of ultra-light racing irons! The SS77 Racing Irons are sculpted from a single 5 pound solid block of 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum wh...

2 695.00kr

American Equus Teardrop XL Racing Irons

The Teardrop XL Racing Irons from American Equus allow for greater surface area contact with the riders forefoot, thus providing superior comfort and security. Additionally, the Teardrop XL still main...

2 495.00kr

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