Martingales, breastplates and neckrings

Safety is one of the most important things for a jockey on a race day and the gear here can be the lifeline of the jockey. We have elastic breastplates in various weights and colors, running martingales, irish martingales, bibs and neckrings.

Bib Martingale

Zilco Bib Martingale. The purpose of the design is to act as a combination between a running martingale and irish martingale. The bib acts to hold the reins closer together for more control, and preve...


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Bib Martingale - Elastic panel

Zilco Bib Martingale. This bib martingale is made from plastic coated webbing and with synthetic leather for the bib plate. this model includes an elasticated panel. This makes the effect a little bit...


Elastic breastplate 35mm - Various colors

Zilco Elastic Breastplate. Made from 35 mm wide, heavy duty elastic. Neck and girth straps are made from co-polymer coated webbing to match your racing colors and other tack. It includes a martingale ...


Elastic Nylon Breastplate - Breastgirth

A very durable elastic breastplate made from strong nylon. The elastic is covered in a textile tunnel to protect and create a great looking breast girth. Hand made in Chile with stainless steel buckle...


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Featherweight Elastic Breastplate 35mm - Various colors

Zilco Featherweight Elastic Breastplate is a super-lightweight breastplate, perfect for race day when weight is an issue. Weighing only 120 grams it's still durable, made from 20 mm white elastics wit...


Irish Martingale - Leather - Old Mill Saddlery

Irish martingale made from the finest English leather and with stainless steel rings. Made in U.K by Old Mill Saddlery. ...


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Irish Martingale - Various colors

Irish Martingale from Hoof and Holler Racing, made from PVC-coated nylon webbing with stainless steel rings. On this updated version, the rings are slightly bigger to fit also the wider 1" American re...


Leather Elastic Breastplate - 2 inch

This Elastic Breastgirth with 2 inch elastic from Old Mill Saddlery is hand made using quality English leather and strong, durable elastic. It features stainless steel buckles and is fully adjustable....


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Neck ring leather - USA

Neck strap made from high quality leather with excellent craftmanship in the USA. Rigid stainless steel buckles. Fits most horse and pony sizes. ...


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Neck ring PVC - Various colors - Hoof and Holler Racing

Neck ring made from PVC coated webbing. At the same time that it's very soft and smooth it is also very hard wearing and durable, and it doesn't get as hard as many other PVC materials in cold. Very e...


Nylon Bib Martingale - Nylon Yoke with Bib - USA

This is a complete set with a yoke and the bib. Manufactured in the USA and made from high quality nylon webbing. The bib has an extra reinforcement at the top edge to to better preserve stability com...


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Nylon Neck Strap - USA - Various colors

These high quality and super durable nylon neck rings come from the same maker as our popular american nylon bridles and reins. Of course available in colors matching the bridle sets. Super easy to cl...


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Running martingale - Black Leather

A running martingale from German manufacturer Kerbl. Made from durable high quality leather. Only available in black. ...


Running Martingale PVC - Hoof and Holler Racing - Various colors

Running martingale from our own brand, Hoof and Holler Racing. Made from durable but soft and hard wearing PVC coated webbing. Super easy to keep clean and it maintains its soft feel even in low tempe...


Shepherds Elastic Race Breastplate

Classic racing breastplate from English O. Shepherds & Son. Made from lightweight, flexible and durable synthetic straps with high quality elastic side inserts and of course with stainless steel b...


Ultra Light Breastplate 50mm - Black/Grey/Beige

The Zilco Ultra Light Breastplate is made from a 50mm (2")  wide lightweight polypropylene webbing. Non elastic. Black co-polymer coated webbing straps with elastic inserts by the girth...


Zilco Neoprene lined textile breastplate - 50 mm - PVC

This is a very nice breastplate from Zilo, made from strong textile webbing lined with a neoprene backside. This gives increased comfort and prevents rubbing. Each side is equipped with elastic ends a...


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