Selleria Ferro

Exercise Pad - Selleria Ferro

A very good looking and durable training pad, made in Italy by Selleria Ferro. The pad is made from strong fabrics and has plenty of filling to ensure a smooth ride for both horse and rider. The cut o...


Girth Channel Ultra Light - 25 grams - Super light weight girth channel

Are you chasing those last grams to shave off the weight? Then this is definitely something you want to consider. This compressed foam super ultra awesomely lightweight girth channel from italian make...


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Piuma Evo - Ultralight Race Saddle 130 gr - Carbon Fiber

One of the lightest saddles in the world! Hand made in Italy by Selleria Ferro using a carbon fiber tree this amazing saddle weighs only up to 130 grams! Normally the weight is between 120 - 130 grams...

4 049.00kr

Ultralight Girth set - Selleria Ferro

This is a really nice fully elastic girth set from Selleria Ferro, weighing only 225 grams! Made from a single layer strong elastic with nylonenforced straps and stainless steel buckles. Width: 6...

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