• Bit WTP Half Cheek EP - Winning Tongue Plate Bit
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WTP - Winning Tongue Plate Bit
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The revolutionary WTP-bit from Australia in a half cheek style, very popular both in flat racing and harness racing, with patented and proven efficient design sits perfectly fitted in the horse's mouth without chafing, pinching or excessive pressure. The construction of the WTP-bits gives a clear improvement in handling and horses that have been "problematic" often transforms entirely and become very manageable and easy to handle. Some riders have said, "It's like having power steering!"

The fixed tongue plate entirely eliminate the need for a tongue tie which easily chafes or damages the horse's tongue. Thanks to the WTP bit design they remain correctly placed in the mouth at all time and the extended tongue plate keeps the tongue in place without causing any pain or discomfort. As the tongue is kept in place the airways are kept free which reduces the risk for lung infections. With less pain to the mouth and tongue the horse can also focus on what's at hand instead of trying to evade pain, which in turn improves performance. The WTP bit is proven to stop displacement of the soft palate, something vet research have shown normally happens to up to 40% of horses. Situations where the horse pulls back its tongue in the mouth and by that completely blocks the airways when using a tongue tie is entirely eliminated.

The advantage with the fixed tongue plate is, compared to existing attachments available in either metal or plastic, that it doesn't move, change angle or in worst case comes off the bit. Instead, the WTP tongue plate is an integrated part of the bit and by that guarantees an optimal function.

WTP - Winning Tongue Plate Bit - is in its "simplicity" absolutely brilliant and being a very gentle bit it gives great reward without sacrificing the horse's well being. This is the patented original which, with its continuous development in this updated version has taken another leap in innovation and holds even more advantages than the first version that came out several years ago.

Note: The bit should be positioned with the WTP logo facing upwards for a correct fit

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