STS Race Irons 2 - Race stirrups - Space Tech Safety Irons - 190 grams

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STS Irons
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The enhanced, and slithgly lighter, new version of the popular STS Race Irons from the multiple award winning inventor and former jockey Adrian Morgante is here. The innovative, patented design still feature a an elevated and prolonged platform with a stable and generous firm grip, designed to improve the foot's angle, power, balance and responsiveness and provides a better body position, and above all - improves safety.  Add to this the new, lower and lighter design which also incorporates the optional (included) safety strap, which helps preventing the foot from slipping through the stirrup in case of an accident. This is achieved without intruding on weight or movability. The strap is fastened and adjusted with a velcro strap and is easily removed all together, if  you wish not to use it.

STS Race Irons are used and tested by several international and Swedish professional jockeys and they're all impressed with how they work and how the change everything - balance and safety in harmony. 

Weight: approx 95 grams per piece (190 grams per pair) 

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