UoF Race Stirrups Ergal 96 - Ultralight 96 grams

  • UoF Race Stirrups Ergal 96 - Ultralight 96 grams
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Ultralight race stirrups from Italian manufacturer UoF. This model has a slightly wider platform than the 89 gram version, to improve balance. Made from a solid block of Ergal (7075 Aluminum) these stirrups have no molding seams or joints and no air bubbles that increase the risk of breaking. The platform with its spike design gives excellent grip and balance. These amazing stirrups weigh only 96 grams - per pair! 

The stirrups have been tested for more than 1100 kilos of pressure. Fits up to 16 mm (5/8") stirrup straps. 

Weight: 96 gram per pair 
Foot width: 10 cm 
Stirrup strap width: max 16 mm (5/8") 


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